Primavera 125 iGET ABS


Visually, this model has the same body and trim as it’s 50cc & 150cc siblings, however it shares the same advanced engine platform as the larger capacity machine, Piaggio’s proven 4 stroke technology now includes iGET for even greater power while returning exceptional economy figures for a great balance of power and superb fuel economy. The new PrimaVera 125 also comes with ABS breaks for fantastic stopping power in all conditions.

Vespa has resurrected the “Prima Vera” name with a visual package reminiscent of both the “Original” Primavera and Vespa’s stunning “946‘ which in itself is a modern take on the original 1946 Vespa. This includes the “Steel Monocoque” body and “Trailing Link” suspension system, this combination provides a ride quality unequalled by any other.

“Do You Vespa?”  Yes, I Do!

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