Primavera 50 2t


In its simplicity of elegant lines, the Primavera 50 captures the essence of Vespa as one of the world’s most famous objects: stylish design, absolute comfort, solidity, optimal performance in town use and twist-and-go ease of use.
Clever proportions are a Vespa trademark. The wide, flat footrest platform makes for very comfortable riding, continues the visual flow of the front to join it to the even more geometrically shaped and pronounced cowls.
One of the most unique characteristics of the Vespa is the all-steel body that acts as a load bearing element of the chassis. The Prima Vera 50 uses avant-garde manufacturing technology to keep the Vespa steel body tradition alive.
In addition to superior strength, this design also ensures exceptional rigidity, translating to excellent road holding and precision control.
The 50cc, Two-stroke, reed-valve engine is sparkling and responsive it boasts absolutely advanced consumption and emission levels. Its proverbial tractability makes it ideal for stop-start city riding.
There is only one Vespa!  Ride this magic 50cc in style on your car license within Qld.

  • Classic all-steel body for solid handling, safety and longevity
  • Fully automatic with electric start and kick back-up.
  • Powerful and economical 50cc engine
  • Unsurpassed quality with gleaming paintwork and chrome trim & mirrors
  • Large underseat lockable storage
  • Lockable glovebox and Shopping bag hook
  • Low emission, environmentally friendly, Euro 3 compliant
  • Two-year unlimited kilometre warranty

“Do You Vespa?”  Yes, I Do!

Check out Vespa’s Primavera dedicated website: