Primavera 150 iGET ABS


Vespa Prima Vera 150cc iGET ABS:  Vespa’s latest offering is reminiscent of the the “Vespa 946″ with all steel pressed monocoque body, the 10” Rear and 11″Front wheels which give it the proportions and look that are instantly recognisable as the world’s most famous and iconic scooter.

The Piaggio 150cc iGET engine provides unparalleled power and economy in the 125-150cc class of machines.  This engine family now has 10,000klm service intervals (or once annually) to give hassle free economical riding.

The 125 and 150cc Vespas now all include ABS Brakes for top level braking power and superior all weather braking performance

Available in a range of attractive body and contrasting seat and trim colours.  There is sure to be one to suit everybody.

“Do You Vespa?”  Yes, I Do!

Check out Vespa’s Primavera dedicated website: