Get ready to Sprint!

There are issues in ScootaCo today with staff vying for first dibs on claiming our newest and sportiest model as their demo. Yes, yes, the Sprint 150cc has been purchased for you to test ride, but we might as well have some fun on it before it is sold. One of the perks of our job!

You will notice that the Sprint draws inspiration from the stylish and sporty models of the 60’s and 70’s, however once ridden you will appreciate the use of cutting-edge technology, which will see it remain dynamic for years to come.

Drop into our showroom for a test ride, and in the meantime check out the dedicated Vespa Sprint website which includes some cool vids such as how it is made:

sprint-blue-lifestyle-3-300x243 sprint-lifestyle-red

Arrow Performance Pipes

It is old news that ScootaCo is THE place to go for performance gear, but the new news is that we are now THE local dealer for Arrow exhaust pipes.  For you motorcycling nuts this will get your heart revving.  Arrow is renowned, respected and feared by rivals in the motorcycle racing world with numerous world titles under their belt.  Well, what does this mean for us avid scooter riders, you may wonder? It means that Arrow, through their sports research and development have created a new line of dynamic scooter exhausts.  Don’t delay, race on in and check out our Arrow display and explore the possibilities.

arrow performance 1arrow performance 2downloadarrow performance 3

Vespa Primavera: The New Kid on the Block



The Legend is Reborn! The all new Vespa Primavera:  merging the best of the past with the best of the future.

The Primavera, first created in 1968, was well ahead of it’s time in terms of stylishness, comfort and agility, and has become infamous as the longest running Vespa model of all time.  It’s great success has now inspired it’s rebirth, however discoveries made through the recent 946 project have seen it radically re-emerge with a new ground-breaking ultra-modern design, new steel body (whilst maintaining Vespa’s unique construction philosophy of pressed, welded parts), new sizes and even greater agility, stability and comfort.

Check out the Primavera website for a more comprehensive look at this new kid on the block. The ‘How It’s Made’ video is a must to be seen.

Primavera-in-the-making-3 Primavera-in-the-making-2 Primavera-in-the-making-1 p8primavera-nero

Vespa World Days 2014: Bigger and Greater than ever



Mantua, June 14, 2014 – A 10 km long parade of Vespa wound its way through the streets of Mantua and took to the roads of the province to reach San Benedetto Po. The City Parade, the grand Vespa parade, which opened the second day of the Vespa World Days 2014 was a unique event in the world.

It is estimated that 10,000 Vespas have reached the town of Gonzaga for the world’s largest gathering of Vespa Club.

That of 2014 is without doubt the most spectacular edition of the Vespa World Days, 310 Vespa Clubs were present representing 32 different countries. Representatives came from Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, USA, India, as well as from European countries that have celebrated the Vespa culture since its dawn such as France, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Holland, Spain. Vespa enthusiasts also arrived from Russia (after more than 3,000 km of travel), from Portugal, Greece, Kosovo and Albania.

Great sympathy was expressed for a young newlywed couple from Sicily, Viviana and Gianluca of Termini of Imerese, who arrived with their Vespa on their honeymoon. The event, which is back in Italy after six years from its 2008 edition in Cefalu, Sicily, this evening will end officially with numerous awards and the extravagant gala dinner which will bring together all Vespa riders. Tomorrow will be traditionally dedicated to the last photos, a stroll through the city and in the preparations for the departure at the end of this “four days” of collective celebration, sharing the values ​​of friendship, passion for travel and love for the most popular scooter in the world that are critical to the global success of the eternal Vespa.

The party had a great prologue last night with the opening party of the new Concept Store Motoplex of the Piaggio Group – the largest in Europe – which opened yesterday at the BOMA of Mantua. The inaugural party with hundreds of Vespa revelers also saw the likes of famous Aprilia Superbike riders Marco Melandri and Sylvain Guintoli.

Motoplex is the first new concept store dedicated to all lovers of two wheels and a window on the future of the Piaggio Group. It is in fact a tribute towards the most important brands of the Group – not only but also Vespa Piaggio, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi – and the millions of customers, owners and fans who have these brands in the world. Not only a store and a showroom but a full-fledged pole of attraction for scooter and motorcycle lovers: 1,300 square meters of space, 46 vehicles on display, two real “lounge” where one can sit and admire large video screens, a bar, the chance to see “live” events in web streaming through the two video walls by 138 inches.

The sprawling Motoplex store is the first example of how future outlets and dealers of the Piaggio Group in the world, not only in Europe, where the Group is the continental leader, but also in the U.S. (where the Vespa is the most popular scooter) and in distant markets such as Vietnam, India, South East Asia.

With more than 18 million produced since its inception in 1946 (one million and 300 thousand units sold worldwide in just the last decade, 190,000 in 2013), Vespa sent a new impulse around the world, spreading across the roads of the entire world on all continents, combining distant and different cultures in a single passion of young.

First truly global brand of mobility, Vespa has become a bridge between generations, interacting with social environments distant from each other, creating different cultural phenomena, characteristics of the reality in which it has been able to immerse itself to become a distinct leader. It has led revolutions of customs, music and youth, accompanying peoples in their growth. It has made them ride a dream during economic wellness. Now it is one of the most popular and well-known Italian products in every corner of the world.

VWD_2014_award_3 VWD_2014_0299  56_Vespa42_Vespa

Choosing the right scooter for you

First of all ask yourself what you will use the scooter for. Think about the roads you will be using and the speed of the surrounding road users. It will help to use the guide chart below to narrow down your choice. Then, think about the style of scooter you require.  Our knowledgeable staff at ScootaCo will show you options to fit your style and needs.

Maximum speeds are a guide only and are affected by load and weather conditions. Extended and continuous operation should be around 80- 85 percent of the maximum speed capability and maximum speed reserved for intermittent bursts.


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WHY BUY A SCOOTER? Save Money, Save Time, Save the Environment, Have FUN!

For those of you who already ride, when you think about ‘why own a scooter?’, I am sure FUN comes to mind first and foremost, however there are so many practical reasons (oh yes, that’s why I bought it initially), it becomes a matter of ‘Why wouldn’t I own a scooter?’


Saving money is on all of our minds these days & the price of a new scooter is down right cheap, especially when compared to a car (though ensure you buy a quality, recognised brand for reliable, long-term riding).  Fuel is of course another source of major savings.  A handful of change per week will fill the tank? Yes, please!

Ideal Second Vehicle: Many of our customers, especially families, use their scooter as a second vehicle.  Who can afford to run two cars anymore?  Twice the fuel costs, twice the rego and twice the maintenance costs. $80 worth of fuel in the car each week OR $8 in your scooter?  The maths is simple.


We are lucky in Qld to be able to ride 50cc scooters on a car license, and as they are automatic they are simple to ride.  Compare it to a bicycle with an engine… a bit of balance and you’re off.  Within a couple of weeks you’ll be riding with ease and freedom!  If you haven’t ridden before or are feeling a little uncertain, we are more than happy to go for a ride with you and give some riding technique.  We wouldn’t dream of letting you ride away unless you are feeling confident…. all part of our sales service.


You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can zip through traffic, even on a 50cc.  Then there is parking: Forget the frustration of circling the carpark like a crazed madman, even the smallest space will have you smiling sweetly.  As scooters are so compact, many of our customers are allowed to park onsite at their workplace:  Free parking… yee-haa!


All of our scooters come with underseat storage & luggage hooks which can carry your day to day items.  For extra room you can fit a topbox which can be securely locked to your scooter or  can be unlocked and used as a carry case… so practical and convenient.


Overall, how lucky are we to live in such a beautiful city like Cairns.  Why not actually enjoy your commute to and from work taking in the scenery and fresh air on an economical and practical scooter which is loads of fun to ride.  Come in today and experience the thrill and sense of freedom for yourself.

Piaggio Fly150ie: Australia’s greatest selling scooter

2013 FCAI sales data has been released showing that Piaggio/Vespa continue to be the scooters most favoured by the Australian public

Piaggio On Top once again
Piaggio has trumped the scooter market yet again, according to 2013 sales data, commanding almost 17% of the entire market (FCAI, 2014).
Leading the way is the infamous Piaggio Fly150ie which, for the second year running, has proven its favour with Australians who purchased more of this model than any other on the market.
Not far behind, in third spot, is the Zip50 showing that although there are cheaper scooters available, the Australian public understands that ‘you get what you pay for’ and that a little extra equates to much greater reliability and longevity.
The Piaggio/Vespa brand in general is synonymous with quality and style and this has been reflected through these figures with them claiming five of the ten best selling scooters on the market. An accolade indeed!
Both the Fly and Zip are available instore for test rides. Please drop in and put them to the test yourself. The Fly 150cc rides away at $3990 and the Zip 50cc at $2290

FCAI: Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, 2014.
published 16/02/2014

The Iconic Vespa: An artefact which has changed the world.



Milan, 9 July 2013 – During the 2013 World Industrial Design Day, CNN, the American television network and point of reference for information on a planetary level, asked 12 international experts, authorities recognised worldwide in the field of design, to identify the ideas that have marked industrial creativity, the most significant and most successful in the last 100 years.

Addressing this fascinating topic were names such as the American Dick Powell, co-founder of the design agency Seymour Powell, the Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, the Welsh industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, the Japanese designer Yoshiro Nakamatsu, the Italian Gianfranco Zaccai co-founder and chief designer officer of Continuum, Deyan Sudjic, director of London’s Design Museum, Professor Miles Pennington, head of design innovation at the Royal College of Art in London.

Vespa, was the verdict, is part of design history. Its totally revolutionary concept, its project born by placing the human figure at the centre of the creative idea, make it an object worthy of inclusion in the Olympus of industrial design.

In the justification which placed Vespa among the twelve items that have made history one can read: “The Vespa unisex design is ingenious, it can be driven indifferently and with elegance by both finely dressed men as well as women wearing a skirt. Immortalised by Fellini in La Dolce Vita, loved by the Beatles, the Vespa has had a profound impact on culture and society”.

The CNN website, in its Blueprint section which addresses the most advanced trends in the world of technology, published the full results of the research.

The outcome is a selection of extraordinary objects which in their respective fields, extremely diverse and often far apart, have represented milestones in terms of industrial design and have changed the way of life, work and interaction with the environment for billions of people.

Joining Vespa in the gallery of the magnificent twelve are objects that have made industrial history in the last century, true legends such as the Apple Mac computer in 1984, the Bang&Olufsen 2400 stereo system in 1979, the Airbus 380 large passenger plane, the escalator, the first jet engine by Frank Whittle.

The World Industrial Design Day is proclaimed by the ICSID – International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, a Montreal-based association which brings together national institutions for the promotion of design, design-oriented companies, design training institutes and professional industrial design studios.