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ScootaCo currently has a whole swag of 50cc mopeds available secondhand, every scooter/moped can be ridden on a car licence, every used vehicle at ScootaCo has been through an extensive service and recon program and represent excellent value for money! starting at $1500 ride away we have some great bargains in the $1500-$2000 range and beyond we have some very tasty up-spec 50s like our Rossi Replica Yamaha YQ50 Aerox, Our tweaked LX50 Vespa and our Zip50 4 stroke survivor with less than 5000klms since new! our used scooter page has all these along with bigger scooters and motorcycles available as well.

All new and used vehicles at ScootaCo are available for test rides!!!!!


Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Cairns 2016

Again this year Linc represented ScootaCo at the DGR, this year on the only scooter amongst a crowd of vintage and stylish motorcycles, like 2015 a great time was had by all and more importantly funds were raised to go towards men’s health, this year the DGR has aligned themselves with the Movember Foundation so of course lots of facial hair was to be seen on the day including a very sad 70s moustache specially grown by the author for the day (thankfully shaved by the end of the same day) a big thanks go out to the organisers Steve Bailey at Wayne Leonard Triumph and the guys from Coral Coast Riders who acted as marshals and photographers on the day, well done guys and see you again next year!


Linc: 70.3 Ironman

Our bossman was an inspiration to us last Sunday participating in the Cairns 70.3 Ironman triathlon.  It is a huge event and we are thrilled that he got through it in good time, still smiling and came to work on Monday.  Well done, Linc!

Well nearly 12 months on and Linc is possibly be the fittest bloke in Cairns to not compete in this years event! having missed the cutoff for entries due to the huge rush he now awaits a possible last minute withdrawl by another competitor to get a start! time is a ticking.

Purple Haze ‘cafe racer’ Part 1.1: ScootaCo’s latest project

Rain can be a bit of a downer in a bike shop leaving ScootaCo staff with some time on their hands.  On the upside a slow workshop means time to spend on project bikes which reinvigorates passions for all things mechanical and satiates creative cravings.

Here is the latest project the boys have been working on: The Purple Haze!!  A CT110 being converted into a very cool cafe racer.  Unfortunately pre-work photos were not taken due to the adrenalin rush  caused by the prospect of what could be, but nonetheless luckily we are all familiar with postie CT110 bikes and can therefore visualise the very beginnings.

Work thus far includes front and rear guards which have been chopped and reshaped.  The engine now has a reversed manifold and carby (forward facing).  The front suspension has been modified.  New cafe racer bars, chrome speedo and chrome headlight has been fitted.  And the very obvious sanding and repainting in a not-so-subtle shade of purple.

When you’re next in-store we’d love you to check out this creation.  If it’s not on the showroom floor ask Linc to escort you through to the workshop for viewing.

Until the next update, farewell and happy scootering!


CT110 Cafe Purple RHSDGR Ride Rex LookoutHenry On CT110 Cafe PS


Well “Purple Haze” has been finished, used in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and subsequently sold, It went to a good home and is now being used as a stylish work commuter for the lucky owner.

There is a theme that has been established by this much loved machine so keep an eye out for our next custom creation.

Celebrities Wear ScootaCo Caps

We were more than a little surprised yesterday when the infamous Dicky Knee (former Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday star) visited our store.  We couldn’t miss such a grand opportunity and were thrilled when he agreed to model one of our ScootaCo caps.  $15 will have you dressing like the stars so drop on in to grab one for yourself or buy a scooter to receive one free.

Scooter Art

If you are local then no doubt you have seen this TGB Bullet 125 cruising our streets. It turns my head every time. The custom paintwork on this Bullet was created by one of our very fave clients, DB, a couple of years ago.  It was only today however that I managed to get hold of him for some pics.  The process he undertook was fascinating, especially the use of a palm leaf as a stencil. This was DB’s first creative attempt on a scooter, and what an impressive one it is.
He is now working on a Peugeot Speedfight on which he is modifying the performance in addition to another very cool body customisation.  This machine is turning out to be quite a weapon and we can’t wait to see (and hear) the finished product!
DB Bullet repaint_plate blur 20150606_105903_resized_1

Piaggio Electric Bike Project

Here, at ScootaCo, we are continually on the hunt for good quality and value for money electric bikes.  We have trialled several brands but alas have been far from impressed in terms of quality to price.  You can imagine how thrilled we were following contact from Piaggio regarding their Electric Bike Project. In typical Piaggio style this bike goes beyond the common notion of a pedal-assisted electric bike with technologically advanced components and a visual appeal second to none.  Piaggio’s Multimedia Platform (PMP) enables user/vehicle and vehicle/environment at a level never seen before.  The ease of sharing of information is simply amazing. No release date as yet, but we wanted to share with you the future of electric bikes and thankfully we are told the wait is not long. 

Stand_Piaggio                 2

Following is a press release from Piaggio:

For almost seventy years Piaggio Group has been a worldwide leader in development, production and sales of newer and newer forms of mobility.  The search for solutions that combine freedom and the simplicity of travel with quality of life and respect for the environment is a mission that the Piaggio Group has always pursued. Founded on research and technological innovation, the Piaggio Group’s hold on the number one spot has been strengthened over the decades in products which have provide freedom to entire generations and revolutionised the concept of mobility itself several times, creating not only new means of transportation but inventing lifestyles, because mobility is always synonymous with freedom.
The Vespa legend which was born in the post war era, the most agile and lightweight mopeds of the ’60s and ’70s, and then electric, bimodal vehicles and finally hybrid engines – the only one of its kind in the scooter world – are milestones in a cultural and technological leadership that has always characterised Piaggio Group’s vocation for innovation, with the earliest electric vehicle actually dating back to 1975.
Out of this unique heritage of style and technology, today the Piaggio Electric Bike Project is born, a completely new vehicle that meets the most advanced needs and the most modern mobility trends.
Piaggio Electric Bike Project goes beyond the concept of an assisted-pedal bicycle and approaches the market as a vehicle that interprets the most progressive mobility needs at 360 degrees, no longer intended simply as the ability to move about, but also as the presence and sharing of information over the most modern network and interaction forms with your vehicle.
Thanks to PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) technology, Electric Bike Project has an ultra advanced man-mechanical vehicle interface and guarantees constant data sharing with the world, giving you with the opportunity to interact from any location and with any environment in its physical, social and experience dimension.
A Made in Piaggio electric heart
The heart of the Piaggio Electric Bike is a 250W-350W electric power unit entirely designed, developed and built by the Piaggio Group. It is an ultra modern and extremely compact motor with a shape designed for perfect insertion in the elegant aesthetics of the Electric Bike. In fact, its axial-symmetric shape, in other words, designed around the pedal axle, allows it to include the entire electric motor hidden behind the sprocket in order to greatly reduce the aesthetic impact.
But it is the entire powertrain (the motor, battery and control display assembly) of the Electric Bike Project that stands out for the technology it uses and for the functions it provides.
The electric motor control system is completely innovative and was developed by Piaggio. It works thanks to sophisticated control algorithms which guarantee its reliability.
The latest generation display is “contactless” and automatically powered via NFC near the control unit. The USB connection serves the dual function of being a smartphone charger and software update port. Diagnostics are also possible via smartphone by the rider, whereas for the service centre operations are possible via tablet – thanks once again to Bluetooth technology – for a more complete check.
Piaggio Electric Bike Project, thanks to its technology, also stands out for its high level of safety: the dashboard control unit, batteries and electric motor are connected unequivocally. This means that the three units can operate only if they are connected and communicating with one another. For example, removing the display (which operates as an electronic key) when parking renders the Electric Bike effectively unusable.
A GPS/GSM module is housed in the battery which functions both as a satellite antitheft device and a data transmission element from/for the battery. This way the charge status can be checked with a smartphone and you can receive the alert status on your device in the event of a poor charge, for example after a long period of disuse.
The 400 Wh ion and lithium battery is elegantly housed under the saddle in correspondence to the vertical pipe and provides particularly long range, on average between 60 and 120 kilometres depending on the mode of use and surrounding conditions. The battery guarantees the highest possible level of safety and, as with all of the powertrain components, it is completely waterproof (IP 65).
The Piaggio Electric Bike Project uses a belt drive combined with an advanced continuous variation automatic transmission, electronically assisted to always ensure the best possible ratio between an almost infinite choice of combination. This is technology that takes advantage of the Piaggio Group’s extensive technical experience with this type of transmission.
As a tribute to active safety the powerful braking system is made up of two 180 mm discs on the front and 160 mm on the rear, gripped by hydraulic callipers.
Connected to Electric Bike, connected to the world.
Thanks to the PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) technology, your smartphone integrates functionally with Electric Bike via Bluetooth. PMP allows constantly new functions to be developed from the fine tuning of “classic” services such as navigation up to any number of opportunities for personalisation of the powertrain operating modes over and above the base settings. In fact, conventional electrically pedal-assisted bicycles offer a limited and determined number of pedal assistance level settings with a contribution from the motor that always stays proportional to the energy applied by the cyclist once the operating mode is selected. The Piaggio Electric Bike Project, thanks to the exclusive DEA (Dynamic Engine Assistance) technology, allows the user to program the assistance level provided by the electric motor at a percentage that is always variable in ratio to the power provided by the cyclist.
Thanks to the possibility of varying the motor contribution, Piaggio Electric Bike is a true fitness machine where the cyclist can set his or her physical effort (for example, 100W of effort and a certain frequency of pedalling or maximum speed) leaving the motor free to increase or decrease its contribution based on the altimetric variations in order to comply with the set parameters which are consistent with the training program that the rider wants to achieve.
Also, through PMP you will be able to select predefined power output modes throughout the arc of use, real “motor mappings”.
The PMP system, which can be controlled through your smartphone’s screen, by buttons on the handlebar and with voice commands, is the base for virtually unlimited function developments. For example, the Smart Navigator calculates itineraries based on the routes recommended for cyclists (sourced from the web/communities), the altimetric profile of the route and the remaining battery consumption/range. It is therefore able to modulate on the route in order to obtain minimum battery consumption and to check motor power output to guarantee that you will arrive at your destination with the detected residual charge. Along the route the cyclist can report points of interest, road surface conditions, road work and any other type of information, thereby contributing to a web database that serves as a point of reference for the navigation software used by the riders in a community.
The “Back Home Alert” function notifies the cyclist when the remaining battery range is insufficient to return home or to any preset destination.
But the utilities PMS offer go far beyond this: it ranges from weather forecast information to functions connected to fitness and allows users to use the Electric Bike as a training tool in order to monitor health information and to achieve goals in terms of bodyweight, heart rate and calorie burning. The possibility to compare the stored data provides you with the opportunity to challenge yourself on various routes for the purpose of continuously monitoring the progress achieved in terms of performance and physical fitness.
Connectivity between the bike electronics and heart rate monitors, for example, allows you to manage the electric motor power output based on a heart rate goal (the lower this is the more the assistance provided by the motor will be). This way an athlete can load training programmes and manage his or her frequency on the route, in commuting you can choose not to exceed a maximum heart rate threshold for health reasons, or simply to keep from becoming overheated on your way to work.
Pure Italian Design
The elegantly sport design of the Electric Bike Project is the result of the Piaggio style centre which worked to combine the best and most distinctive Italian design with functionality and operating convenience.
Modern style, refined solutions and simplicity are the keywords that inspired the Piaggio Group designers in their work.
The result comes together in a frame made entirely in aluminium with a clearly sport look (diamond shape) that mounts a shock absorbed fork, also made in aluminium and which is available in various versions of Electric Bike Project starting from the classic male and unisex duo.
From a stylistic point of view the challenge of seamlessly inserting the powertrain parts (electric motor, transmission and battery) into the frame was particularly successful, leaving the bicycle’s lines rationally clean and undisturbed.
In fact, the motor, designed around the pedal axle, remains hidden by the sprocket and the battery, which can be easily removed, is housed under the saddle on the horizontal pipe. And so the Electric Bike Project ‘s attention to simplicity and user-friendliness substantiates in shapes which have been conceived with functionality in mind and as a tribute to the elegance of Italian design.



Vespa! Can’t get enough of your love baby.

Like Barry White, Vespa is simply iconic and oh so very cool.  There has been several Vespas floating around the streets of South Yarra in the latest series of The Block.  So Vespa is obviously ‘ontrend’.  If you are looking for wall art, well there’s certainly nothing more eye catching than the beautiful lines of the Vespa 946.  Imagine spending your time staring dreamily at your wall art, with Barry White crooning seductivey in the background, thinking of all the exotic places your Vespa can take you. Ahhhh Vespa… the key to happiness!

Piaggio continues it’s reign as Australia’s leading brand with Vespa an honourable second

Winners are Grinners! And we Piaggio/Vespa riders know only too well that in terms of style, quality and technological advancement that we are well ahead the pack.
‘How do you know this?’, you may ask (a question posed only by one who has never had the good fortune to experience these machines.)

Piaggio and Vespa have led the market for many years and 2014 has proved no different. National sales figures have just been released and we are stoked that once again we, at ScootaCo, have the best two brands the scooter world can offer you.

Piaggio has trumped the market with the most amount of scooter sales in Australia. Vespa took a very honourable second place. In keeping with tradition, Honda has taken out third.

Now, let’s talk bike models (no, not the type posing on the cover of some prestigious motorcycling mags). The Piaggio Fly 150cc has reclaimed the number 1 spot as Australian biggest selling scooter. Third year running, perhaps the fourth. The Piaggio Zip 50 had the 4th largest sales and the Typhoon 5th. With so many scooters on the market this can only be described as impressive!

No doubt, Vespa is renowned as the world’s greatest scooter. Quite simply, there is nothing that compares with a Vespa. Ask any of the millions of Vespa Community members worldwide. The mighty GTS 250 was the 5th largest selling scooter in Australia. The GTS 300 Super came in 8th, and the new Primavera is quickly making it’s mark in Australia as the 10th biggest seller.

With over 20 brands of scooter in Australia each with several models, Piaggio/Vespa have once again stamped their authority on Australian scooter market with over 30% of all total sales. We, at Scootaco, are proud to part of this amazing Piaggio/Vespa community and have the facility to offer you the best scooters available and back up second to none.

“Do You Vespa?” “Yes, I Do!” Well then, join us in the Vespa Global Community

For Vespa Lovers all over the world the “Do you Vespa?” official community is waiting for you at www.doyouvespa.com.  In this amazing space meet other individuals who have the same passion as you, but with their own unique story.  You also have the opportunity to create your own personalised story using the graphic tools to share ‘How You Vespa’.  Plus, through participation you can earn  Vespa Miles to put towards some very cool Vespa rewards.   “Do you Vespa?”  “Yes, I Do!”

vespa strips


Do you vespa journey