Purple Haze ‘cafe racer’ Part 1.1: ScootaCo’s latest project

Rain can be a bit of a downer in a bike shop leaving ScootaCo staff with some time on their hands.  On the upside a slow workshop means time to spend on project bikes which reinvigorates passions for all things mechanical and satiates creative cravings.

Here is the latest project the boys have been working on: The Purple Haze!!  A CT110 being converted into a very cool cafe racer.  Unfortunately pre-work photos were not taken due to the adrenalin rush  caused by the prospect of what could be, but nonetheless luckily we are all familiar with postie CT110 bikes and can therefore visualise the very beginnings.

Work thus far includes front and rear guards which have been chopped and reshaped.  The engine now has a reversed manifold and carby (forward facing).  The front suspension has been modified.  New cafe racer bars, chrome speedo and chrome headlight has been fitted.  And the very obvious sanding and repainting in a not-so-subtle shade of purple.

When you’re next in-store we’d love you to check out this creation.  If it’s not on the showroom floor ask Linc to escort you through to the workshop for viewing.

Until the next update, farewell and happy scootering!


CT110 Cafe Purple RHSDGR Ride Rex LookoutHenry On CT110 Cafe PS


Well “Purple Haze” has been finished, used in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and subsequently sold, It went to a good home and is now being used as a stylish work commuter for the lucky owner.

There is a theme that has been established by this much loved machine so keep an eye out for our next custom creation.

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