Piaggio continues it’s reign as Australia’s leading brand with Vespa an honourable second

Winners are Grinners! And we Piaggio/Vespa riders know only too well that in terms of style, quality and technological advancement that we are well ahead the pack.
‘How do you know this?’, you may ask (a question posed only by one who has never had the good fortune to experience these machines.)

Piaggio and Vespa have led the market for many years and 2014 has proved no different. National sales figures have just been released and we are stoked that once again we, at ScootaCo, have the best two brands the scooter world can offer you.

Piaggio has trumped the market with the most amount of scooter sales in Australia. Vespa took a very honourable second place. In keeping with tradition, Honda has taken out third.

Now, let’s talk bike models (no, not the type posing on the cover of some prestigious motorcycling mags). The Piaggio Fly 150cc has reclaimed the number 1 spot as Australian biggest selling scooter. Third year running, perhaps the fourth. The Piaggio Zip 50 had the 4th largest sales and the Typhoon 5th. With so many scooters on the market this can only be described as impressive!

No doubt, Vespa is renowned as the world’s greatest scooter. Quite simply, there is nothing that compares with a Vespa. Ask any of the millions of Vespa Community members worldwide. The mighty GTS 250 was the 5th largest selling scooter in Australia. The GTS 300 Super came in 8th, and the new Primavera is quickly making it’s mark in Australia as the 10th biggest seller.

With over 20 brands of scooter in Australia each with several models, Piaggio/Vespa have once again stamped their authority on Australian scooter market with over 30% of all total sales. We, at Scootaco, are proud to part of this amazing Piaggio/Vespa community and have the facility to offer you the best scooters available and back up second to none.

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