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We carry a variety of reconditioned scooters and motorcycles.   Please call us on 07 4031 1144 or drop in to check out our full range as not all bikes make it to this page due to time constraints.

2005 Yamaha YQ 50 Aerox R “Rossi Replica” $3500 Will include 6 months solo reg

Inspired by the man himself “Valentino Rossi” and his factory Yamaha race bike this ever popular Aerox 50 has the performance to back up its good looks, this one was pretty tired when it came to us and being that our mechanic has a strong love of this model a ground up resto and upgrade it was, Fresh paint and decals (genuine factory) brand new HiPo Sava/Mitas Tyres, new brakes, Performance crank and main bearings, Malossi Performance tuned 50cc Cylinder kit, carbon reed kit, 28mm manual choke Polini carby, Polini Performance Variator, Polini Performance clutch and wing bell, Polini Performance drive belt, you won’t find a better example of this model in Cairns, this model is the absolute must have for European tuners and is highly sort after for it’s reliability (we have seen many of these go towards 100000klms)

Like all scooters and Motorcycles at ScootaCo test rides are welcome

2005-aerox-yellow-rhs2005-aerox-yellow-frt-34-rhs  2005-aerox-yellow-frt2005-aerox-yellow-21703klm-dash




Hyosung GV250 Aquila 2010 $3490 Will Include 6 Months Dual seat reg

Looking for a LAMS approved 250 Cruiser? this is it, Hyosung have hit it right on the head with this sharp looking V Twin, The GV 250 “Aquilla” has EFI for hassle free economical riding while still delivering great power, this engine is the same one across all the Hyosung 250 range and is even shared with Suzuki (Suzuki uses Hyosung for some of their models 250-650cc) Hyosung have gained the reputation of “good Korean build quality at an affordable price  (who laughs at Hyundi these days?) one previous owner with service history (including major service just done, new chain and sprockets)

  • V twin engine
  • EFI
  • Low seat height
  • Great nostalgic looks
  • LAMS Approved

GV250 Bk:Slv Fr GV250 Bk:Slv dash 10398Klm GV250 Bk:Slv 3:4



Price Reduction Now $3000 1998 Honda XR400R $3490  Will include 6 months registration

The Venerable XR from Honda- Honda got it right with the 400 in the mid 90s more punch than the old 250 and less weight than the 600, talk about bulletproof well you might refer to these as “Bomb Proof” this one came to us in a pretty sad state and being that a certain shop owner (we will suppress any names to protect the guilty) has spent many years racing these exact models of dirtbike we couldn’t bare to see it that way so it has had the full mechanical treatment- new piston and rings, cylinder head recon, suspension has been rebuilt front and rear including all linkages upgraded, new airfilter and seat recover, aside from stock it has the lightweight race headlight assy, frt guard support, Protaper bars and mount kit, B&B alloy bash guard, The existing tyres are in roadworthy condition but for an extra $200 we will include and fit a brand new set of Pirelli MT18 HD tyres (road legal but for hardcore off road use) cosmetically this is not the prettiest XR out there but the 1st mud hole or dusty road and that matters for nought, these legendary bikes come into their own off road, waaaay off road where looking pretty has no place!

Like all scooters and motorcycles at ScootaCo test rides are welcome

xr400-98-frt xr400-98-lhs xr400-25929klm-dash



Vespa GTS 250ie 2008 “Custom” $8990  Will include 6 months Dual Seat Registration

What a beautiful machine, the photos do not do this Vespa justice, it has been custom painted in a mixture of “Midnight Blue and Crazy Plum Purple” and topped off with a purple pearl clear, aside from that rich colour it has an “Arrow” performance pipe, Factory Top Box with the matching GTS300 Super Sport Seat and Backrest, it also has the ultra cool Tinted Factory Screen and a pair of brand new Sava/Mitas sport touring tyres, the previous owner kept this bike in perfect mechanical condition and it has had a complete “Major” service completed as part of it’s reconditioning procedure, this scooter is a genuine consideration as an alternative for the new buyer! we will stand buy this by offering a 6 Month/5000klm warranty as part of the sale

Like all new and used scooters at ScootaCo test rides are welcome.

gts250-purple-frt-34-rhgts250-prple-rhs-34gts250-prple-frt-34-lhs   gts250-prple-18620klm-dash

 .2003 Vespa PX200 Cafe Racer Special  $6990 (with bars, seat and pipe) $5990 (as original PX200) Will include 6 months dual or solo reg and all original parts if sold as Cafe Racer Style.

Not being ridden so it has to go! The absolute Iconic Vespa this prime example came to ScootaCo as a bone stock 2003 PX200, since then it has received-  an Atomic SS Expansion chamber, cosmetically it has a set of ScootRS Drop bars and Cafe Racer Seat, black GT stripes and matching wheel covers, the rear rack has been removed, in the handling and braking dept it has a set of Continental Sport tyres fitted and the Nissan Frt brake Master Cylinder and braided brake line so this thing goes, stops and turns as good as it looks!

This is now a very collectible scooter, option 1 is as it is including all the original parts should you wish to put it back to original. Option 2 is, we put it back to original, this is the last generation of the Italian made PXs 200s

The scooter is currently unregistered but will include 6 months reg at the time of sale, like all new and used scooters at ScootaCo test rides are welcome.

px200-blue-fr-34-rh px200-frt-hbar-34  px200225-blue-frtpx200-10121klms-dashpx200-originalPX as Original/

SYM Red Devil 50 $1500 Will include 6 months solo reg at sale

The SYM Red Devil, this model is one of the “Taiwanese” built SYM’s (good build quality) and even though it is not the prettiest scooter cosmetically due to sun fade and various paint nics and scratches it is in excellent mechanical condition, like all our “Pre-Owned” vehicles it has undergone our extensive reconditioning and service procedure, when sold this scooter will include 6 months solo seat reg and won’t need any service work for another 2000 klms or 12 months for those lower mileage users.

Like all new and used Scooters and Motorcycles at ScootaCo test rides are welcome


Gilera Runner FXR180 “SP” $3500 Will Include 6 months DualSeat Reg when sold

“Gilera” a name that is synonymous with European Racing machinery since the beginning, this is the best of the best when it comes to performance scooters, 180cc Liquid Cooled 2 stroke engine, this is the go to machine for performance tuners the world over, leave this one outside in Europe without a huge chain, 2 disc locks and a pit bull to guard it and it will be gone in 60 seconds.

This one was once a ScootaCo special and has custom paint, oversize front full floating disc and performance pads, Malossi Variator, clutch and drive belt, it also has a smattering of tasty goodies like the PM Tuning Carbon Screen and matching Carbon Look F1 Style Mirrors, the seat has been freshly recovered and it has had a full service so you are good to go straight off the lot, it will include 6 months dual seat reg when sold.

Like all new and used Scooters and Motorcycles at ScootaCo test rides are welcome.



2007 Piaggio Zip50 4 Stroke $2300  includes 6 months solo reg.

A true survivor, the ever popular Zip50 “4 Stroke” these particular models are still very much sought after, Piaggio quality and reliability in what is recognised as the best fourstroke 50cc around, unfortunately at $3600 when new in 2006-2010 people struggled to see the value alongside of the gammat of 2 stroke offerings on the market in the $2000-$2500 range so Piaggio Australia reverted back to the their own “2 stroke” Zip and Typhoon 50s so they could stay competitive in a price driven market sector, the 4t Zip will still achieve a respectable cruising speed like it’s 2t brethren (although it will take a little longer to get there) it runs on the smell of an oily rag and the more linear power delivery of the 4t engine means they tend to be a little better on long term wear and tear of serviceable parts like belts, tyres, drive parts etc, this one also has the optional Rack and Givi top box ($300 optional extra) for added value.

Like all scooters and motorcycles at ScootaCo test rides are welcome.




We always have various size scooters/mopeds/motorcycles coming through recon, keep posted these will be added as they become available for sale, alternatively feel free to call and see if we have one that is not yet ready that may suit.