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Scooter batteries are something that fail on a regular basis and for a number of different reasons- I often will replace a failed battery and within 6-12 months get a call " My bike/scooter won't start! I only replaced the battery 2-3 weeks ago" the 1st thing I do is look at that customers history and establish the exact date it was replaced, usually it is more than 2-3 weeks, I have had one customer swear on their dearest departed relatives grave it was no more than 4 months ago when it was actually more than 18 months prior, time gets away.
The most common cause of failure is inactivity from sitting, a normal scooter battery will only hold decent charge for approx 3-6 weeks, throw in a hard start at the end of that period and the already depleted battery will turn toes up, on the lucky chance it will start the scooter the low amperage charging system on these scooters will barely restore the lost cranking charge and has virtually no chance of restoring it to fully charged state (full throttle for approx 4-6 hours should about do it) while in this depleted state the oxide in the battery acid which is a by product of discharge can harden and bridge the lead plates that are in each battery cell thereby "dropping a cell" which means the battery cannot be recovered, this is just one of the many reasons batteries fail.
A little preventative maintenance and regular running will go a long way towards preventing early battery failure.
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I have been getting a lot of calls and have had a lot of bikes coming in for Hydraulic brake, Foam airfilter and rubber component failures.
Manufacturers have "2" maintenance schedules, it is the same no matter what brand or model of vehicle it is! #1 is the one that pretty much everybody knows and that is the distance travelled most vehicles these days are 10000klms (some are 15k or more) in a car this is easy to do every year so in it goes.
#2 and the one that seems to be forgotten is "chronological" service intervals, manufacturers don't include this as a money maker, it is IMPERITIVE these services get done at the specified "time frame" irrespective of how many Klms have been travelled! the reason for this is that liquids, foam and rubber particularly degrade over time and require regular attention.
I have lost count of the amount of people who have rung up and said either "my brakes aren't working properly" or"my bike is running poorly" I don't ride it much so why has it failed? Brake fluid lasts about 2 years at most before it goes all cancerous and destroys everything it touches, foam airfilters last about 2 years before they desiccate and fall to pieces it then distributes itself all the way through the engine it is there to protect (leaving the engine unprotected) usually it clogs up the fuel supply system and or ends up in the catalytic converter in the exhaust and blocks the exhaust flow (catalytic converters are sealed and can not be repaired)
Please bear this in mind and think about the last time your vehicle was serviced. Cheers Linc
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